2020 Blue Nose Music (HipHop/Lyrical/Jazz)

I Was Born...is a single release and another collaborative effort from DJ Fes One and Cameron Couch.  
The instrumental is actually a partial sample of "Head Hunting" form their album "Silent" released in 2017.   
The song was originally recorded  in 2017 and was remastered for release in 2020, the song is about being born...privileged.


2019 Blue Nose Music (Accapella/Soul/Jazz)

Cameron Couch teams up with, the versatile and lovely jazz/gospel artist Maureen Parker.  Together they made a vow to create a positive and groovy experience...
Oh, Parker and Couch invited no musicians to these sessions...leaving it to themselves, the only instrument used was their voices.
The project was recorded from 2016-2018, and is a stand out on the normally HipHop/Rap heavy Blue Nose Music record label.  Enjoy.

2018 Blue Nose Music (Funk/Rock/DJ)

“An adventure of sound, mixed with the singing of poetry style lyrics. The duos Sophomore album features a variety of musical styles, bass heavy jams mixed with a gradual decent to candles and smiles. Alternative music has never sounded so definitive.”​​​​​​​
Once again the two made a vow to create this album without being in the same room. Couch and Fes did just that, many jam sessions with musicians from all over the globe, recorded at Laundry Room Studios, were sent only 45 miles north of Couch’s Tacoma residence, to DJ Fes One. From there he added adds, scratches, then chopped and screwed, to achieve his signature sound. One final comb through, with Awall A.K.A. 2Piece and his closing thoughts, makes “3Worlds” the musical adventure it became.
This album is not for the faint of musical hearts, if empty and hollow musical arrangements is your liking…you may want to stick your toes in the water before jumping in. Local musicians have deemed these two “the artist’s artist”, and it has never sounded so funky.

2017 Blue Nose Music (Acoustic Hip Hop/Lyrical/Novelty Rap)

This was Cameron Couch's last HipHop album...
A fusion of classic Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues and Rock mixed with story based lyrical content in various harmonies and styles. That started it all. I have for years wanted to make a project titled “Short Stories From theCouch” and have each song be its own stand alone story like the collection of old story books we read as kids.
After writing the song titled “The Big Good Wolf” with Jeremy Hutton…it came to me. Being a true “novelty” song in it being something new…but a classic story, familiar comfort for the ears. I even go as far to explain the original idea of what “Double Fisted Diabetes” is…and we go on an adventure through a local vintage toy store in my hometown of Tacoma Washington Tricky’s.
Once these pieces were set I then reached out to other artists, that I have met through the years and collaborated with them to fill in the blanks. Awall A.K.A. 2Piece helping me raise the question; can you catch us? To Wordsworth helping paint the story of love lost and then regaining control of your life to realize that after pain comes true pleasure.​​​​​​​

2017 - Fahrenheit Records (Instrumental/Jazz/Funk/Rock/HipHop)

Tacoma, Washington musician Cameron Couch is known for creating unique musical projects;  that’s exactly what he’s done (yet again) with Silent.
In speaking with Couch I learned he originally created this project to collaborate with other artists – recording over his own instrumentals. After reaching out to 10 artists just to have most of them decline the offer – doh! He decided he wouldn’t put any vocals on the album at all. He would go all-out on the instrumentals, again that no one would record over.
The collab album idea started taking the shape of a (solo) rock/blues/jazz album with a Hip Hop foundation. Now Couch took to writing his project as a common love-story, reflected in the track titles, and played out over 15 tracks.
Somewhere during the creative process Couch got the idea to send “Silent” over to long time collaborator (Producer) DJ FES-1, whom Couch has over a decade of history with (and has never actually met face-to-face). FES-1 took to the project like his own, mixing/ scratching/ transforming the project into a molded-together masterpiece that they are both proud to put their names on.

2017 Blue Nose Music (Underground/HipHop/Rap)

A more aggressive approach from Couch, taking an Underground sound to heart, and to the ear.  With a rasp in his vocal delivery, and mostly sampled beats used, it's a classic mixtape sound that is not a mixtape.
Awall A.K.A. 2Piece, Big Shot, Grewsum, Dr. John Falskow, Greg Double, and A.R. Mastermind assist with vocals, and beats by Couch, Corndogg Beats, Big Shot and Sk8Beatz.

2015 Blue Nose Music (LoFi/Hip Hop/Rap)

The project was 100% created on a iPhone 6, using Garage Band. The beats were provided from The Passion HiFi via download using the free Files HD app.  
Couch was busy with his day-to-day work schedule, and could not find the time record.  However, there was a lunch break that came most days.  Every Thursday, Couch would sit in an empty room on the facility; pick a beat, write, record and mix in the same "session".
The project took 6 Thursday's to complete, this novelty project is a strong addition to the wide range of music in the Couch catalog.

2014 oLOOKut Entertainment/Blue Nose Music (Alternative/Electronic/Acoustic)

Couch's debut Blue Nose Music project, and it comes with an alternative sound.  Mixing Rock, Blues, Electronic and HipHop, this project pushes the envelope of musical fusion.  He took the approach of taking electronic sounds and fighting them with classic analog cadence.  Even going to the lengths of recorded many of the acoustic-guitar riffs with only a microphone through a 1/4" analog plug in.
The album creation started at Tacoma Community College where Couch met Ian Sanders and Jeff Millar (of the Punk band Klondike Kate) in a music theory and creation class taught by Dr. John Falskow.  They immediately began to create HipHop loop based music with crunchy/thrash guitar and Couch playing the bass riffs.  
With additional help from Ian's father; Scott Sanders on guitar, then adding the vocal talents of Maureen Parker, Cam The Viking and Lost Soul The Emo-Kat of Gonzo Family, the creation of a fun Alternative ride through Rock, Blues and HipHop fusion was an easy goal.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

2012 oLOOKut Entertainment (Experimental/Electronic/Hip Hop)

Written and recorded in Tucson, AZ with Dr. Yobb (The B-Boy doctor).  Yobb approached Couch with seven beats...then the two immediately went to work.  This experimental HipHop album tests the boundaries and limits of even labeling a project "HipHop", however it hits all the elements and adds a few others.
Heavy lyrics, mixed with soulful singing, the electronic stylized beats  from Yobb demand a head nod that can break out the car window.
Take a trip through the minds of Dr. Yobb and Cameron Couch.
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